Nine: Deck The Halls


December 10, 2013 by lucywritesstuff

Today has been another unproductive day in the world of Lucy’s blogging. However, I feel I can be forgiven for the level of ‘pixification’ that’s occurred at home today. Despite my feeling festive since mid-October, my feelings have finally started to become a visual reality all around the house. We’re yet to get the tree, but some progress has been made…

First job, about twenty boxes and fifteen sacks of ‘stuff’ were brought down from the loft. Given the fact I’d been scared into being extra cautious up there having been told about a horrible story of a someone falling from their attic while doing the very same thing, this took some time. Behold, a small portion of several year’s worth of Christmas build-up:



Today was predominantly a ‘garland day’. Here, you see me wrapping a brick. It’s not a present for a builder-pal- combined with a bit of ribbon it’s a very nifty way of weighing down artificial garlands that doesn’t make it look like the yard of Travis Perkins. Nowt worse than seeing your Christmas creation take a tumble off a shelf. Fact.



I also gave my wrapped-brick-collection a little spray of gold for good measure. Yes, that’s an old iron there too. Heaviness is what I go on mainly- it’s not necessary to be a building material, you see.




As I am a naturally indecisive person with a ridiculous amount of decorations at my disposal, the theme changes a bit in each room. In the front, we have an Autumnal thing going on, complete with frosty berries and owls- very in vogue, eh?





We have a silvery wintery-looking ‘Nativity corner’ in the hall. Granted, Bethlehem probably hasn’t seen a frost in the last few Millennia, but it looks pretty. Pale blue lights are a winner.




I’ve whacked a mixture of greens, silvers and sparkles among a bundle of bright red roses and poinsettia flowers on the windowsill in my bedroom. Fairy lights make me happy.






As well as an unpictured skirting-board-garland and a couple of wreaths, the living room currently has a red, gold and holly leaf thing going on. We have a fine selection of Santas so they’ve been popped in for a dash more red alongside a few more red roses.




I’m on the case with the tree… updates to follow…


4 thoughts on “Nine: Deck The Halls

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